-Sandeep Dhall

Ye nature, how were you created ?
You never said a word about it;
We play in your lap from birth to death,
But never come to know about it!

Did God ever cite to you,
How you would be;
Nature outside and nature within,
You never stop changing.

Annals of history say,
Nature doth change in human;
But what I see today,
Is so inhuman!

He smiles at some ,
To make impression;
But then prepares a plan ,
To take those for their destruction.

He laughs at friends,
To show the devil within;
And the opposite sex,
Falls after him.

Those are men,
Rightly called hypocrites;
As they criticize others,
And enjoy doing it.

But there are men,
Those who are right;
But naturally,
Are the most unpopular type.

Ye nature I plea,
Doth not play such a game;
Cuz it causes many,
To suffer the pain…..


                                         -Sandeep Dhall

Please Mama, I want to go to school,
Oh! Son but its really soon.
I said these words when I was a kid…

Looking at my seniors go to school,
Laughing, taking, discussing and what not did they do;
With their friends always on their side,
Even I did feel that sense of security at every point.

The school as an element,
And the stories about students, revolving around it;
With every passing year,
Having something new in store for me.

I always longed to be a senior,
Obviously to rule over the juniors;
Cuz at those very moments ,
I was unaware of my future.

The day came when I was a senior
Ready to go for proms , dates and party along;
With friends friends and friends,
Hovering all around.

When the days are numbered,
To the day of our separation;
One by one, we realized
That there was something called fate;
The fate that was written
To take us to a whole new alienated world.

At that moment I realized,
That “life should not be spent
counting the number of breaths one takes,
but the precious moments
that takes his breath away”;

Tears rolled down my eyes,
When I missed those days;
Thinking about those lost moments,
When I didn’t talk to my best friends out of rage.

I thought to close the worldly doors at my foot,
But I didn’t know that there were some to whom I meant so much;
Thus I rose to hold my friend’s hand,
Never to let go again.

From school to this shrewd world,
The journey is too long;
The journey started at school,
Unravels the world that is vast and wide;

If one constrains within himself
Never to come out of the shell,
One just passes the years,
And not live the life, that is all wonderful.

Poetic Associates

Hey there,
For all those people who are going ga-ga over my simple moronic verses...I present the work of a pro(if he choses to be). Beautiful lines from the heart and mind of an even more beautiful soul...the poems of my dear friend-Sandeep Dhall:

                                                  -Sandeep Dhall

When I look back the pages of 2002,
I still remember the day when I met you;
You were calm you were soft,
And as I know we both longed to talk.

Our friendship then grew like a tree in the spring,
With each new leaf to sing and say something;
Sometimes a wind that did not like the flower bloom,
Tried to shake so that it left its bosom;
But the bond of friendship was so tight,
That it never did allow the wind come inside.

Its been days where have you been?
The words are all gone, which time too has seen;
Staring at your face I see a past ,
Which still haunts me with an impact too vast!

The road where we split up,
Is paved with the things I didn’t say;
But what could I do,
So I stayed in my way.

I talked with strangers who didn’t feel my pain,
And passed on like rangers letting my pain flow in vain;
The past of which today I smile to think,
But those evergreen thoughts do really sting.

The words are all gone ,
The times been too long;
But its not too late to say,
I’m sorry to a friend.

I don’t know where to start,
As I have got so much to tell;
Maybe I’ll find a way,
Maybe you’ll help me;

Cuz friends like us should not be apart
And I’m sorry to a friend
Well now then don’t be a Brat.

You know you are bored beyond recovery when...

  • you check your orkut scrapbook every other minute from two different links for new scraps, even though you know that the Gtalk client you are logged onto will intimate you when, if ever, you get a scrapbook entry.

  • you publicly jump up and down with excitement when you think about someone you know.

  • you lie down so still that you actually hear your heart and think about the reasons why you were just jumping.

  • emotions fill you to the brim and you feel like exploding just to release them.

  • you pick up one task after other and get bored of each in about 7-9 seconds.

  • you shut down and restart your laptop multiple times just to see which one happens faster with no attempt to keep track of the time.

  • you lie with your ear to the laptop, listening to the sounds its processor makes.

  • you send missed calls to all your friends just to see who responds.

  • your media player playlist repeatedly alternates between slow love songs and heavy metal beats, none of which are being recorded by your mind.

What's happening to me?

I've changed. Lets face the fact. I am not that cute, chubby, mama's pet kinda boy no more. Well at least, most of me is not. Though I have people complaining left and right about it but I believe at some level they too are glad because in the bigger picture, that's what is supposed to happen. Come to think of it, its quite similar to that of an insect in terms of the fact that both of our species have to shed their protective cocoons and become what we are in the world. I believe it is the time for me to spread out my wings and try them out for the first time.

Childhood, and for that matter teenage too, is a wonderful place to be. But it would be insane to dwell in it for too long for then it would lose its charm. It seems to be life's irony that the most important phases of our lives are also the most carefree of them all. Maybe thats what makes it so important. Make a swing for anything and everything, revel on the hits and learn from the misses. Maybe thats the time for experimenting and finding out who you are expected to be and who you really are. Parents probably play the single most influential role in these formative years of a individual and I believe each and every one of them do their job as they deem best. Now I am in no place to comment on that side of the court. All I want to say is that accepting that perfection is non-existant is the closest one can get to it and I am glad my parents did what they did.

Coming back to me, in my childhood I was a person I no longer associate with myself. I was, in a manner of speaking, too good. Don't misunderstand this as a complaint. No. The person I was was perfectly normal. In fact, I still meet these kind of people everyday and everywhere. But it simply was'nt me! Now thanks to the aforemontioned phases, I seem to be getting a faint idea of who I really am. I understand that I have been a constant cause of worry for those who hold me dear and I apologise for the suffering they went through. I also know that this pain may continue until they accept me as I am, and not what I was. For those profoundly jolted by this piece, relax. The two me's I keep talking about are not that different. Think of it as a central me surrounded by various extentions. I have just re-adjusted and re-alligned some of my extentions. In the process, some traits were left behind and some were tinkered with while some new ones were picked up. Maybe this is what evolution looks like in microscopic view.

Okay people, I have been officially brainstorming over this piece for 1 hour and 4 minutes and the fire in my belly has somewhat simmered down. More on 'me' later.

Woeful Lamentations

I open my eyes
and they see
your heart rife
with deception and vice.

I allow my ears
and they hear
your sweetened lies
which I now fear.

I try to breathe
in the foul air
reeking with
your sounds of despair.

My lips yearn
to break free
to be able to reveal
the real me.

My heart beats
in the scathing heat
craving for
desires unfulfilled.

My hands reach out
trying to sneak out
from this cage of yours
that I am imprisoned in.

I tread softly
with my bleeding feet
on the thorny path
that you left for me.

I try to reason
with my shackled mind
attempting to deal with
the aftermath you left behind.

I try to constrain
my impulsive rage
when I feel your trace
in any embrace.

I see shades of gray
when I see a body sway
moving on the floor
the ultimate way.

You leave me searching
for the girl I once loved
for the smile I was denied
for the reason why I cried.