Silent Promise

I know its not easy
but am willing to try,
to be the wailing wall
when you need to cry.

I'll be the pin cushion
to take all your hurt,
or be the teddy bear
if you desire a cuddly spurt.

I'll be the closet
in which you can hide,
or be the veil
if you just want to step aside.

I'll be all ears
for all you wanna say,
or be a partner
if you need a gentle sway.

I'll be the melody
that your heart sings,
or be a perfume
when the world stinks.

I'll even be a nobody,
if that's what you desire.
Just to see you happy
is all that I aspire.

I'll be a friend
if you need it the most,
but please dear don't cry
as it hurts me the most.

Storm Riders

Over the mountains,
above the clouds,
there ain't any weather
for which we fly south.

We chase devil's tail,
n give him his hell back.
We scourge this evil world
like a hungry wolfpack.

Gale force means
nothing to us,
bring it on coz
that ain't even serious.

Let it snow,
let it rain,
you ain't seen nothin'
if you ain't got no pain.

We never gear up,
coz that's such a shame.
Just head into the wild
and it'll never be the same.

Lose all inhibitions
coz warnings are lame,
what we do here
is playing a man's game.

Never say die.
Never give in.
And whatever you do
just remember the name.

A thousand apologies!

A thousand apologies from the very deepest core of my heart to fellow bloggers. I was unable to blog these past few months because of terribly pressing circumstances. Don't worry, there's lots to come as I have gained immence experiences which (I hope) will be shared here in the coming weeks.

In the past month, I went on my first abroad vacation (a trip to Malaysia-Singapore), met (...well saw) a TV regular (Krishnamachari Srikanth), and biggest of them all, joined a corporate concern....ya baby, am a professional now!

Well now have relocated to a completely new city and was until recently one of the multitudes here, drifting eternally, searching for some welcoming piece of land to hold our roots. Will get back to regular blogging as soon I get settled in my new accomodations.

Until then.