Bees and Buterflies!...Where do moths fit in?

God made man and woman, and they then took it from there. That's the way we generally think of as normal and that's the way nature needs us to be. Man like woman and woman like man.

But then along came the homosexuals. The world was in shock! How can a man make love to another man? And how can a woman make love to another woman? That was just too much for an average person to wrap his/her head around. And after a rather long-drawn cycle of disgust, uproar, debate, and what not, they seem to be finally coming under the acceptable category.

Good for them!

But then it got me thinking (uh..oh!). If in the yesteryears, a man can be trapped in a woman's body, and a woman can be trapped in a man's body, well, logically or at least hypothetically, it is now possible for a lesbian to be trapped in a man's body and a gay to be trapped in a woman's body.

See, ain't it beautiful! On the exterior these people would seem like what grandpa and grandma used to call normal, but inside, inside it would be a whole new reason, whole new logic working.

Now this is just what I thought. Maybe its true, maybe its not! (oh! it rhymes) It is just the people out there who know what's best for themselves and I say, "let it be!"