What is love if not
the peaceful hues
watching you dream
the life you desire.

What is love if not
wanting to be
the prince to thee,
the man you aspire.

What is love if not
finding eternal bliss
watching you dance
with joyous eyes.

What is love if not
the bleeding heart dying
when during a fight
you say goodbye...

The battle called Life...

Lying foetal in a dark corner
clinging on to scattered splinters
desperate to stay adrift
sieving through
the life of a million pieces
battling forever
surging tugs from the eternal abyss...

Last Inspiration

Red blood crimson
Red blood crimson
to be your inspiration
no fear of lossin'
no fear when I am lost
Red blood crimson
in your hands
My warm crimson blood
flowing through my heart.
Says Cleora,
Red blood crimson
Red blood crimson
to be your inspiration.

You & Me

Everytime I see you smile,
I bask in its bright sunshine.
Wisps of apathy fade away,
when you and me, together we sway.
You lift my spirits, when lean and dry,
after a rough patch again you try.
You make me wanna be a better me,
as you take my hand and make me see,
that I can't claim love to be all mine,
that together we can and we shall shine.
You be my sister, to play and fight.
You be my mother, to show whats right.
You be my partner in every crime.
You be my soulmate till the end of time.

Can cats smile the "Feline Smile" ???

Hey there...

Many of you may have wondered, at some point or another, about why....why "Feline Smile" ??

Well, though my reasons were different and my own, I've been scouring the web in search for possible explanations on and off for some time.

Recently I got this and I might add, the longer you stick to the page, the more interesting it gets....have a look:

Let me know what you feel...and I just might spill the beans on what got me to choose the title.

Saluting the Sparkling Angel .... Gracias ;)

Together we shall...

A little shaken but not broken,
my baby girl, its so unspoken.
The nightmare cycles in your eyes,
the ghosts and ghouls of your mind,
gorging on the fear inside,
never let you wonder why,
something stirs me to my rhymes,
when ever I feel your cries,
reverberating through the endless night,
my shoulder seeks its partner in crime.
“Where art thou?” I wonder why,
baby steps trigger the mine,
re-living the scary time,
pulling us apart inside,
forever together exhaling sighs.
Why the hurt and why the pain?
'coz little stumbles do seldom maim.
Come baby girl, I wait for thee.
Together I shall make you see,
the beautiful rainbow sparkling outside,
scented lilies and the buzzing hives.
Oh! its so wonderful outside...
Oh! its so wonderful outside...
Hold my hand and dare to step,
a single one before the next.
Slowly but surely we do move,
and one day that may be soon,
once again I shall make your heart swoon.
You shall look up into my eyes,
see the man I am inside,
see the world I wanna paint for you,
and make your heart exclaim "I do"!

Love you...forever and always...

Forever & Always

- by Outlines of Shades

Come along, my beautiful bride,
walk down the flowery aisle,
wearing your beautiful smile,
looked at with curious eyes,
Gods kneel before the bride,
my beautiful, my only sunshine.

In the twilight as she drew near,
a single shimmering tear
streaked down from puffed eyes.
Why the tears? Why the pain?
She said she was left behind,
not feeling like a bride,
running in rounds, toiling hard
to avert the shadowy rain.

I tried to do my job best,
to be the husband and forget the rest,
to ease the pain for my wife to be,
to be her pillar, as she was to me.
The day went hard and long,
with many shadowy figures lost,
creeping in with their wispy strands,
bringing along the thorns and the sands,

I held her hand as she held on to mine,
close to our hearts with bonds divine,
down came the rains along with the storm,
could never breach the lovers' aplomb.
The devil himself reached out at night,
strangled her out, sucked her dry.
But in the darkness she heard my cries,
fought back hard and we survived.

Today we stand alone,
the wedding day has passed by...
Today we stand along,
the wedding day has passed by...

Today we stand alone,
the wedding day has passed by...
Today we stand along,
the wedding day has passed by...

January Winter This Year

Winter, oh winter
What darkness you have brought
So gray all the way
And fights couldn't stop
Even your merry christmas
Couldn't bring a little pause.
So sad that you sob now,
And leaving us all apart.
We waited a whole year
With dreams and wishes
To play with your colourless snow
And its time that I will be wedded.
Please dont go away
Please don't sob with pain
The humanity its destroyed I know
But some how we can save our way.
Men are fool I guess
Ain't even know
What they are paying to fake.
But I pray to you
Dont go away
Please dont sob with pain.
Please fix this world once again
Not with tsunami or hurricane
But little peace we are left
And for the ones
World is still a better place.
Winter, oh winter
Please don't go away.