The Silent Keen

Wisps of misty dreams
float away in swirls
of burned out ashes
of what had once been

The glory we had seen
of emerald greens
and sapphire skies
nothing remains
but rivers of ruby
flowing at our feet

A spark in the distance
shimmers for a while
and fades off into the haze
assaults my visions
transcends into empty space

I bury my face
too much to bear
too much to face
the memories still haunt me now
accomplices to my grave

You and I

Am lying in a corner,
am bleeding crimson red.
There's nothing that can be done now
and nothing that can be unsaid.
Our time, as it flashes by now
and all the pain that besets...

I still keep thinking about us,
the way that we were,
the way we have been,
and the way we said
to be each other's only,
the love of our lives,
forever until eternity.
And I can't even help it,
I can never stop it.
This feeling about you,
and I keep thinking about it,
just keep thinking about it all...

I wish that you and I,
could fly away together.
No we ain't gonna stop,
but at bliss land and sinner top.
You and I,
could beam at each other,
with nothing to worry about
always and forever.
Oh you and I,
with no cares of whatever
that pull us back,
pull us back to the nether-land.
You and I,
just you and I,
no you and I for me...

A teardrop rolls to its end,
everyone's gonna meet its maker.
There's nothing left to pretend,
no regrets taken to the supper.
I see your face, for one last time,
through the haze, forever mine.

And as my hand falls limp,
I still think keep thinking about it,
the time that we had had,
and all that we could have ever been.
Its just me and you,
and you and I,
beneath these stars,
and the bright blue skies.
Just you and I
wrapped in our arms,
this feeling about you,
I just keep thinking about it,
just keep thinking about it all...

Just a bagful of wishes,
and riches in joy.
An armful of peace,
for just you and I.
And the heavens may part,
let the angels all hear in.
There is no one like us
and no one that can ever be.
You and I, when we are both together,
we are the one and the only one
stronger that each other.
You and I,
just you and I,
no you and I for me...

Nights of Terror

Nights of terror,
Eden of red.
Path of horrors,
As I weep in my bed.

Your hand
was all I needed,
took it all in
but never succeeeded.

Trauma beyond comprehension,
when slick satan rises,
and without apprehension,

Nights of terror,
Eden of red.
Path of horrors,
As I wept in my bed.

My moist wounds,
never move your soul.
Battered and defeated,
I vow to the sole.

Narcissic revenge,
now I seek.
Agonious avenge,
moot your reek.

Nights of terror,
Eden of red.
Path of horrors,
As I sleep in my bed.

Alone Together

Alone we walk
on the beach,
holding hands.

Alone we look out
at the drowning sun,
gasping for air.

Alone we sigh,
drinking in
the beauty in silence.

Alone we speak
out our hearts,
dreading the loneliness.

Alone we listen
to the silent thoughts,
whispers in the air.

Alone we smile,
reminiscing on
times gone by.

Alone you are
away from us.
Alone I am
away from us.
Alone we are together
with no respite in sight.

Demolished Heritage

Who am I?
I know not.
Who made me?
I do not recollect.
But I do remember,
feeling the gentle breeze
on my four faces
for the very first time.
I do still hear,
the rhythm of the drumbeats
at the annual festivals
celebrated all around me.
I shudder wondering about,
the need of the sacrifices
I had to witness,
being made to please me
or so they said.

Over so many seasons,
across so many oceans.
I have seen people fighting,
people dying and killing,
for what I could not know.
The mother's chest
has enough for all,
Then why do you rise?
Then why do you fall?
Four thousand and more
years went by,
and yet am ignorant
of the reason,
the driving force,
the answers to the questions,
where the questions themselves
come from.

But today I see,
nothing can fathom thee,
nothing can make you see,
the futility of your ways,
the mistakes you make.
I embrace close all my memoirs
taking them to my stony grave.
As you turn your monsters on me
both inners and outers,
and one by one I feel
my bricks falling to pieces
slipping out from under me.
Vile creatures,
don't you feel that what I do?
That the hand that rises
burns down something
not in its power
to save, to recreate.
Hope it realizes that
before its too late...

Nothing else matters...

Life has a way of getting to you, of getting you to get so involved with stuff that sometimes, even though its there in your heart and soul all along, you seem to loose touch with the concept of 'soulmate'. Then there are moments, mere blips in your lives, which in their own special way jolt out the mundane cobwebs, send a few sparks flying, and in general make your inner eyes open onto your inner-selves. It is then that you can see how futile that last argument really was, or how unimportant that upcoming promotion at work is. All that matters, all that really should, and all that really does, is that you are with your soulmate!

The Sacrosanct Liberty

There were no shots fired,
then why the very breath I take
reeks with the stench
of used gunpowder?
There is not a body in sight,
then why do I see
my fingers dipped in
dark crimson
dripping all over the place?
Something's not right,
yet everything seems to be
more beautiful
than I ever remember it to be.
I look out of the window
and the bright sun
is radiating the warm
coziness of a mother's womb.
The tender shivers
of the morning breeze
exhilarating the tresses
of the window plant
as it stretches and yawns,
opening itself
to the wonderful day to be.
The melodious carefree laughter
of the innocents running around,
embracing the bounty
that their lives would be.
I start feeling happy again,
feeling liberated from the misery and pain,
wanting to unite
with anything and everything
around and about.
I want to swing with the wild grass
growing in the distance,
want to drink in the moment
sweeter than nectar,
want to run and roll with the jolly children,
want to be the wind,
the earth and the ocean.
Beautiful dreams float in front of my eyes
as I smile and shrug away
the disappointment and the anger,
the resentment and the frustration.
I take a step towards the open window,
beckoning me onward to a better future.
Every step I take
takes me ever more higher
I rise slowly
closer to living my dream
towards attaining my desires.
As I float out of the window
I hear a dull thud behind
I nod on, knowing
that am off to a better place
leaving the monster,
my nemesis, the Lucifer,
far far behind...

The Lament

I wanna talk so bad,
but just dunno what to say.
Come to think about it,
what I did,
keeps going on in replay
in my mind, but benumbed
by what happened,
I relive the moments
and yet still,
can't grab on to
anything that went on,
its all just a haze to me,
its all just all about what may.

Flights of fancy fantasy,
I was galloping on to.
One perfect day
after a long long night,
I could envision for me and you.
But that one moment
blew it all away.
My life, my dream, my fantasy,
all just dust in the hay.

And now, seems so far away,
the distances between
stretching on to eons,
the dark thorny path
where ghosts of what has past
and ghouls of the frightful what may,
venture without dearth
and leave us no scope, no say.

I know I was bad,
I know I swerved away.
I know I deserve no chance,
I know I blew it all away.
But still I wait here,
hoping against hopeless hope,
that the clouds shall part again,
that the endless night
shall lead on to the morning rays,
that you shall find it in your heart
to try to come back to us,
to try to come again.

If I may have one more chance,
just one more anyhow, anyway,
to try to help us be us again,
to bring back, that smile and dreamy eyes
bring that all back,
bring that all back to us again.

The Cherry Blossoms

The wind blows
rustling the autumn leaves.
The once rosy cherry blossoms
wither and drop
their shatter reverberating
through the cosmos.
The seasons roll over
and take the tree top
higher and higher,
farther away from me.
I smile, knowing,
the cherries are now closer to you
and you can now see,
and feel and smell,
just a little better,
the scent of the fresh blooms
and the quiver of their feathers.
Oh mother, don't bother,
smile, not sigh,
for am your daughter
and fight I shall,
until I see you
and we are one again,
once and forever.

The Marooned Pale Flag

The propensity of lost souls
is the vagary of pain.
The tattered remains left behind
can only dream to consummate.
Behold! the dreary gore,
the spectacle of yore,
the profanities of fate,
the quagmire of spate.
The sacrilegious monk
cursed upon the holy writ.
The fawn took to the fore
and rallied till the crimson shade.
The vicissitudes of the day...
brawled out the lone sage.

Mr. SaAn's Wakeup Call

She's the phoenix in the fire.
She's got the look of desire.
She's jus' stuck up in this satire.
Oh yeah!

She's the shady, she's the slayer.
She's lookin for the player.
She's a punishing displayer.
Oh yeah!

When she looks into your eyes,
she doesn't need any spies.
There's no strong enough disguise.
From her!

You better look around the corner,
and glance back o'er your shoulder.
'coz death can't be much colder.
Than this!

'Coz am'a climb up on the roof,
and shout aloud the proof.
This ain't just another goof.
For you!

Now you're running for your lives,
like chased by angry hives,
and there's fear in your eyes.
Oh yeah!

You can't find any shelter,
Jus' running helter skelter,
Getting hotter than a smelter.
Poor guy!

She strikes you down like a thunder,
You're falling for your blunder,
Your world has gone asunder.
Right now!

You look up to the skies,
You're practically senile,
You pray for a rewind.
Oh no!

And then your eyes snap wide open,
You're weepin' and you're broken,
This is another token,
To you!

So start cleanin' up your act,
'coz you don' want us to react,
And this is a simple fact.
So true!


The lone candle flickers
In this dark catacomb.
Outside the wind sighs,
Whispering your name
Kindling broken desires.
The deed is done,
The moment has passed.
And now we are together again,
Yet so far apart.
The deathly silence echoes
your screams and cries
As the silver stake ripped you apart
And burned through your heart.
You screamed out my name
and stretched out your hand.
You were in so much pain
yet your eyes burned in calm.
I knew the monster's cast
Lay heavy on your thoughts,
I knew the soul so pure
Underneath that deadly visage.
But now the monster is
Defeated, retreated.
And only you lie
In front of me
Serene, sedated.
Pious purity
Is again your forte now
Love and concern
Again I am allowed now.
Why you don't
Open your eyes again?
Why are there
Moments of silent pain?
Come back to me,
Come back once more
Return to your beloved
Your home, your abode.
Wake up and see
The monster we defeated.
wake up and feel
Feel us together again.
Get up, my dear
a beautiful palace awaits you
Get up, my love
A friend's hand calls for you
Get up...Get up...
Get up and come back to me
Get up...get up...
Get up and come back to us.

Oh dear innocent little miss...

Oh dear innocent little miss,
Oh dear innocent little miss,
Why are some people so mean to thee?
When all you do is feel other's pain
Trying to see what they see,
You spread open your little box of secrets
And share all that you've got inside.

Oh dear innocent little miss,
Oh dear innocent little miss,
Where goes thy pure and sweet smile?
When you face the ugliness of this world.
When eternally stretches the last mile
When armaggeddon walks on bright avenues
And you always feel you are at the end of the line.

Oh dear innocent little miss,
Oh dear innocent little miss,
How can I provide what you deserve?
When myself a pauper I find,
Shacked by the failures past, I serve
The magnitudes of broken dreams that once were
But now seldom venture behind enemy lines.