The lone candle flickers
In this dark catacomb.
Outside the wind sighs,
Whispering your name
Kindling broken desires.
The deed is done,
The moment has passed.
And now we are together again,
Yet so far apart.
The deathly silence echoes
your screams and cries
As the silver stake ripped you apart
And burned through your heart.
You screamed out my name
and stretched out your hand.
You were in so much pain
yet your eyes burned in calm.
I knew the monster's cast
Lay heavy on your thoughts,
I knew the soul so pure
Underneath that deadly visage.
But now the monster is
Defeated, retreated.
And only you lie
In front of me
Serene, sedated.
Pious purity
Is again your forte now
Love and concern
Again I am allowed now.
Why you don't
Open your eyes again?
Why are there
Moments of silent pain?
Come back to me,
Come back once more
Return to your beloved
Your home, your abode.
Wake up and see
The monster we defeated.
wake up and feel
Feel us together again.
Get up, my dear
a beautiful palace awaits you
Get up, my love
A friend's hand calls for you
Get up...Get up...
Get up and come back to me
Get up...get up...
Get up and come back to us.