Piggyback Ride

A piece of heavenly stars
wrapped around my neck,
forged in our warm hearts,
tempered in silent pecks.
The unbreakable bonds
of love and respect,
beseized upon
by a million threats,
never give way, nor sway.
Minuscule specks of dismay,
pulverise in your golden glow.
So take care honey,
don't you know,
you make me feel,
you make me glow.
And every time I swing you so,
your all in my heart,
as am in yours.
The dark past,
begone thy grays.
Lets hold our hands
and look up so,
unto distant lands
and the future's warm glow.

My Angel!

An epitome of sweetness
Nectar dripping sole
Am thine forever
Thee do placate the soul.
Childish jibber
And a dreamer's visage
A mermaid's compunction
An ocean-breadth amass.
Am thine forever angel
I dream of heaven no more.
'tis you I claim for me now.
Be mine forever somehow.
I delve deep in crystal glitter
Of your eyes, Lo behold!
I see the seas o' stars so vast
Dragons of yore behold.

The Void Inside

Pain reeks,
tumultous sleep.
Forgotten sands,
broken strands.
Way within,
unknown haunt.
Faith, belief,
downtrodden pounds.
Scary shadow,
consumed soul.
Dark weather,
gaping hole.


you lie by my side,
in wispy strands of memories,
in soulful sighs,
in woeful heart,
in lamentous songs,
that have no start.

we cuddle together.
of a future together.

we rise after the fall.
We stumble,
we strain,
we risk it all,
surviving another doleful day,
hoping for a better start.